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Shashi Tharoor is an ideal candidate for PM

S Gopal



Presently there does not seem to be any replacement to Narendra Modi. So Modi for this term and next term and after his retirement the name of Amit Shah appears in my mind.

Madhu Kapoor



POLITICS IN INDIA is always been really tough for the last few years. Different regions and north-south divide political discourse have coarsened are self-evident. There is the greater intrusion of the media into public and private life, & a lot of what they serve up is degrading, rather than enlightening or redemptive. In the outcast when there was no high involvement of media in anyone’s life, Nehru started the tradition for exhibited the prime ministerial candidate.  Since the process has been ruining.  Many intellectuals from different fields came and fade away, few of them had taken the position for a long time on one hand and on another hand, and some held the position for quite a little time.

Indian politics have never been that dramatically changed; now politicians are burgeoning from every district, villages and so-called cities of this great land and serving with their highest calibre. In my view, if there is a chance other than Mr Modi to be the Prime Minister candidate for the 2024-25 elections. I would like to present three names- 1. AMIT SHAH (BJP), 2. JAY RAM RAMESH (CONGRESS) 3. ARVIND KEJRIWAL (AAP).

Consequently, Present scenario extirpates many stalwarts among all the national political parties due to combusting issues like CAA.  The central govt. already cedes its decision on the CAA and planning further to implement NPR throughout India rigorously. There are two cynosures in the present government, firstly, the implementation of policies which were mentioned in the BJP led government manifesto in the last election. Secondly the predominant financial reforms for the Indian economy.

In 2019 BJP mentioned in its manifesto about many policies which will be followed by them for its term, to make this country great again. They stated zero-tolerance policy against terrorism, creating an opportunity for youth; a roadmap to becoming five trillion economies and etc. clearly being a law-abiding citizen of this country, every citizen must feel proud for these reforms furthermore we are taking it too seriously because somehow sooner or later it will be affecting every life in our country. Now the question arises, where are we now, are we really thriving towards development or it is just a myth that put in our mind due to accumulating votes.

Now come to the point,  Prime Ministerial candidate   for 2024-25,


My first name -  Amit Shah

He is the second in command in BJP. A businessman-turned-politician, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah was made the Union home minister in the second term of the Narendra Modi-led central government. Also referred to as the 'Chanakya' of modern Indian politics, Shah, a close aide of Modi, is credited with leading the BJP to victory in several elections as the party's president. There was a time when barely people know about him, he was just a member in Gujrat legislative assembly. Was part of many controversies, in and out from jail, arrest and exile.


Jay Ram Ramesh.

There were days when people used to vote for the candidate rather than the party name. Most of the intellectuals politicians in our society follow the path sincerely with their dedication towards work and he is one of among them. He was an integral part of the UPA government and held the various important positions in UPA governance. His powerful devotion towards work and magnificent style of working,  makes him a suitable candidate for the prime ministerial candidate for 2024-25.


Arvind Kejariwal

As the name suggests itself, Arvind is also paramount part of India’s present-day politics. Being a chief minister of Delhi, he has done quite meaningful work for the well being of Delhi citizens. His Mohala clinics, work over water and electricity is quite encouraging. He has completed his tenure successfully with flying colours, implemented many polices for the poorest of the poor, females and students on small scale. Delhi govt. relationship with the centre always was in the headline, relationship with the LG is itself not easy to forget. Hence AAP still needs time to get settled in. Being a prime minister is not that easy task, it needs a wide platform, an abundant amount of workers, nationwide approach and most important a vision with great aspiration.  Which seems highly less in the AAP in the present scenario.

Being a prime ministerial candidate of India is a very complex task. There are many other politicians laid down in the way. Only time will tell who will be the next prime minister of India but the candidate must have the quality to make us unite and productive.

Govind Yadav


Regressive steps by CBDT

Continuing from earlier feedback, It is to mention that many salaried husband and wife depends upon their earnings from service and interest income. Almost all such couples are having a house in joint names ie house property is held in joint ownership. Through recent notification by CBDT has made them ineligible to file ITR1. It is not clear why such step has been. taken. Is there any increase in revenue by such measures? It does not look so. Tax authorities are not looking where are maximum tax leakages. It is not known to tax authorities which categories of people are minting and playing with money. It is very easy to harass the service class with so many complexities knowing well the tax compliance is highest in this category where as Govt, has no plans to assess the correct income of professionals like film stars, sports persons, doctors, lawyers, traders, contractors etc. They do not have any methodology or tools to assess the correct income. Another discrimination is professionals earning upto 50 lakhs are given 50% rebate ie 25 lakhs whereas salaried class gets Rs 40,000/- as a standard deduction. It looks very much unjustified. Govt. should remove such discrepancies and make the ITR filing simpler. Sec 112 A upto 1 lakh to be brought back (instead of Sec 10(38)) in drop down menu in income for reporting purpose not to be insisted upon filing ITR2 if there is no tax liability under LTCG on transfer of equity or equity oriented MF as per Sec 112A. Such irritants should be filtered out for better compliance and simplification of assessment when we have adopted face less scrutiny and e-assessment. Take the implementation strategies such that the policies initiated by Govt. are successful.



Modi won due to many positive reasons

PM won the election due to many other positive reasons which have a profound impact on the Indian electorate, not because of Pakistan agenda alone.

K Srinivasa Rao

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