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ONE NATION, ONE CIVIL SERVICE- Very good revolutionary idea by PM Modi. This will eliminate monopoly and master-slave treatment by British slavery era service IAS on other Class1 central services in higher bureaucracy. If WIC recalls, PM had directed in 2015 to DOPT and all Central Class-1 cadre controlling ministries to ensure that all organised group A services (OGAS) officers of upto 1995 batch should be empanelled as Joint Secretary by 31.12.2015. But the generalist IAS lobby, no longer service/sewa, posted in DOPT and Ministries dared to ensure that PMs directives were not implement for the benefit of OGAS officers comprising of SPECIALISTS Doctors, Engineers, Law etc. Even after 5 years PMs orders have not been implemented. While IAS of 2002 batch has become JS, OGAS officers of 1990 batch have to report to 12 years junior IAS. British slavery is continuing even now. Hence, IAS and all OGAS services should be merged in ONE NATION, ONE CIVIL SERVICE, maintaining batch parity, WITHOUT giving 2 years edge/benefit to IAS. 2. There should not  be a permanent civil service for Group A level ( GP. Rs.5400 and above). Instead, it should be CONTRACTUAL service of SPECIALISTS for a period of 3 years intitially. Hire and fire system will ensure higher efficiency and performance, unlike the present system where IAS officers after enjoying British like royalty in states come with the same mindset in Govt of India. As a result, centra govt has not progressed much in past 70 years.3. Although British introduced ICS for India, but there is no counterpart of ICS turned IAS, such as British Civil Service in Britsin now. Why are we carrying with legacy of British slavery now. Rajamannar Commission proposed ABOLITION of IAS in 1971. Please bring above to the notice of our pro-active and innovative Honble PM.




You don’t take up real issues of bureaucrats

You don’t seem to be inclined to take up real issues of bureaucrats and I don't know the reasons. In CBDT and CBIC the promotions for officers are being deferred by ACC indefinitely though no charge sheet is spending, nor the officers is under suspension, nor any criminal case pending, in blatant violation of rules framed by DoPT for promotion of officers and also Supreme Court's decisions on this matter. Please take up this matter on your website because individual officers are scared of repercussions to take up this issue, which is blatantly illegal.


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