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Officials should know that RTI is useful to them

The government officials seem to have a fear against disclosure, even when the matter pertains to one involving someone amongst its own. Matters such as pay fixations should be disclosed to any person in respect of whom the decision is taken. The inherent bias against transparency can only be changed when officials know that RTI is useful for them and transparency brings about improvement in the system which would be beneficial for all.

Sudhir Kumar Bajpai


“Mega Stimulus Package V/s Mega Scams ”

Announcing Mega economic stimulus package of 20 lakh crores rupees by PM Modi to fight Covid -19 virus, is an act of magnanimity. What next ? But, how much funds go to actual projects & how much is siphoned off to the deep pockets of politicians, bureaucrats and top business tycoons, remains a riddle inside an enigma wrapped in mystery.

The simple-minded common folks are unable to figure out the nitty-gritty of financial packages. Others are clueless, speechless. Craving for recognition and earning political brownie points , are primary concerns of politicians. This drives all their decisions.

Despite all possible efforts, the corona graph is reaching the peaks. Situation is supposed to reach alarming proportions in June-July,2020.But,let us not get panicky. We shall overcome the crisis. Balancing lockdown with gradual opening-up, needs monitoring.

Spending authorities in States have no accountability , no transparency. Corruption galore. Action is not taken on the reports of Statutory Auditor. The C&AG reports are submitted annually to those very politicians in Parliament, who had participated in scams.

Reports are, at times, not even read by politicians and irregularities are regularized in the name of emergent expenditure. Reports  carrying damning indictment are taken as read.

Conflict of interests. How could they become judges in their own cause?

Are Indians aware that politicians eagerly wait for natural calamities that hit the country, year-after-after. These include floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and other effects of climate change.

Motive : Embezzlement of central relief funds. An open secret in bureaucratical circles.

A K Saxena (A former civil servant)

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