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COVID-19 IMPACT - biggest causality happened with Middle Class

This is not surprising to know that the biggest causality happened with Middle Class families specially those were working with private companies/organisations during the continuing Pandemic period. Not a single Govt. facilities have been classified to benefit them either State/Central. They are righteous/honest Income Tax payers & their contribution is significant. They are under tremendous pressure to meet their family obligations related to Child education, Marriage, Keeping parent care, Home loan etc. kinds of responsibilities to continuously bear/maintain. In this circumstances, they are under going situation like this: -----Job loss. -----Salary cut. ----- Working in strenuous condition facing tension of job loss/threat from employer do it or leave it. Beside the above, most harassing part is Non-payment of Full-final Settlement amount by the companies after forced resignation or pressurized to leave the job. Would like to elaborate that even an amount in between 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs are delayed and those who has worked more than 10 years involves amount more than 15 lakhs & above have kept waiting in this difficult time and still these are not reimbursed. As you all aware, Legal course or action inadvertently delay considering the present day constrained in operations of the Courts. You can think about them how much they are mentally seek & desperate so that they are unable to follow-up even to handle family responsibilities, search for new job,dried-up earning, maintaining through savings and sending reminders to the Company for reimbursement. And nothing is happening. You know after going through this painstaking write-up compliant, so many suggestions will pour in ,but my humble request with folded hand to the DECISION MAKERS that please do take some urgent action and ask each of the private company/organisation to furnish the details of retrenchment of Staff & seek explanation about delay/Non-payment in Final Settlement amount and last Income Tax Department to force them to release by paying TDS amounts so that Ex-employees can submit their Income tax Return in time-some bungling is going on in issuance TDS certificates please do take action. -------A poor middle class without work/job to whom nobody is ready to help.----PLEASE DO HELP US---- AN INDIAN.



Carrot and stick policy to get rid of an Election Commissioner

Modi is using carrot and stick policy to get rid of Lavasa as Election Commissioner who is in line to become CEC. Stick did not work. Now the carrot of ADB will work or not? If Lavasa goes,  Modi can fill the commission with his yes men/women.


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