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Precautions must to avoid COVID

COVID cases are increasing in the country. Some measures that can be taken by all concerned for their safety and that of others bear reiterating: 1. Go out only if you must. 2. Wear a mask when you go out. Ensure that it covers the nose, mouth and face in a close fit. Do not remove your mask while outside home. Leave one mask for three days before reusing or else, wash, dry and iron it (if mask is made of cloth or fabric).. Regrettably, even senior officers are casual with mask use. 3. Maintain six feet distance with all others at all times. Do not be in a hurry and do not neglect this aspect. A mask cannot help unless you practice social distancing. Do not crowd places and counsel those who are doing so in your presence. 4. Keep washing your hands with alcohol based hand rub every half hour. 5. Do not touch any surfaces outside home like electric switches, lift buttons, door handles with bare hands. Use a tissue and discard it in proper waste bin immediately thereafter. 6. Be careful about walking on the spit of others. Do educate others about spitting all over the place. 7. Minimise meetings. Try video conferencing, telephone, e-mail, etc. If physical meeting is necessary, ensure social distancing, mask use and do not allow refreshments, water, tea, coffee, etc. 8. Try electronic files for work. If physical files have to be used, try handling such files with gloves. Gloves can be discarded properly thereafter. 9. Try using disinfectant or sanitiser to clean surfaces before touching them. 10. This is a pandemic which comes once in a hundred years. Be careful. Casual approach can be deadly. Since it is a very highly infectious disease, utmost care to avoid cough, sneeze and breath droplets and contaminated surfaces is required (treat every surface as contaminated). Follow all advisories of the government authorities fully. Do not get unnecessarily confident.

Vijay Kumar


Shukla is an honest & upright officer

R S Shukla relieved to join as Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs. He is an honest & upright officer. He has taken lot of good decisions and also done various good job for the benefit of the public at large at West Bengal. I wish him success. God bless.

Naba Kumar Mukherjee

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