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Debate It is disheartening to note that leadership development in the country is given a very low priority as retired bureaucrats are inducted laterally as MPs/ministers or governors. We had suffered lack of leadership during 2004-14 as the office of the prime minister was held by a former civil servant who was controlled 100% by an unconstitutional contraption called the NAC. The council was filled with persons with questionable credentials. The BJP with 303 seats in parliament has exhibited complete lack of top-grade leaders to hold charge of various ministries. It has missed a golden opportunity. Politics poses threat to any good leader as others too aspire to reach the top slot at the earliest. That might be the reason for unduly over-dependence on retired officers. What India needs is world class leaders in all parties. What is on offer is duds, dudes, docile and born to remain imbecile leaders already conducting themselves as the next prime minister of India or chief minister of UP! He who said that politics is the last resort of scoundrels was wrong because if it were to be true no Mahatma Gandhi would have been born to lead a freedom movement like him. When leadership development is ignored for selfish reasons it affects the long-term vision of the nation and people oriented mission such as Cancer treatment in India which costs 4X the Ayushman Bharat aid of Rs.5 Lakhs annually. In which century the aam Indian will be able to afford it?

M L Gupta

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