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13 retired IFS officers write to EFCC minister about new forest draft guidelines

As many as 13 IFS officers, who retired from the top posts in Government of India and cadres, jointly wrote a letter to the Minister of Environment Forest and Climate Change (EFCC) drawing his attention to the draft guidelines for the conservation, management and sustainable use of forest resources under the Forest Right Acts 2006. The letter says that the draft guidelines gives an impression that the motive of these guidelines is more to create a situation of conflict with the forest department and all round legal and administrative chaos, if implemented in the manner the draft report envisages. If such an approach is recommended at village level to solely manage forest as per the choice of a few without overarching conservation and management principles as detailed in Working Plans will certainly lead to fragmentation of forests which will be ecologically as well as economically disastrous. The villagers are neither trained nor they have the capacity to manage unilaterally such forest and will severely affect our Biodiversity, Reversing Land Degradation or Carbon Sequestration if forests not managed at ecological landscape level.

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