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Economic freedom cannot be sacrificed if political freedom is to be preserved.


What will be the working style of the new Assam CM ?

In the political and administrative circles the topic of discussion is the working style of new Assam CM, Hemanta Biswa Sharma. Some old timers say that now the state will see a new style of working. Some said he will act like PM Modi in Assam. Some retired bureaucrats, who are of the cadre,  said that Sharma doesn't mind the bureaucracy. He wants whosoever has been given the responsibility should toe the govt line. Some old timers also compare Sharma with Hiteshwar Saikia, ex- CM.





More aggressive on AAP and a bit soft on Congress ?

In the political circles, it is said that the BJP has given hidden instruction to the party cadre to remain more aggressive towards the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi politics and a bit soft towards the Congress. Is it not significant ?






Is it justified to allow gatherings at political rallies and religious functions amidst Covid surge ?

Even as Covid cases continue to surge across the country, how far it is justified for the ‘powers that be’ to ignore implementation of Corona norms (restrictions) at political rallies in the poll bound states and religious functions ? Does the deadly virus becomes ineffective at such gatherings ?

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