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Group of Indians and friends from AU, US and India sourcing medical aid


We are a group of Indians and friends from AU, US and India sourcing medical grade oxygen concentrators, ventilators and other oxygen equipment from across the world, shipping these to India and distributing last mile to underserved rural districts. Since our launch 10 days ago, we have raised $900,000 from some of Australia's largest technology startups etc; sourced and secured 150 oxygen concentrators and 50 ventilators from China and US, shipped them into India and deployed across 4 underserved districts. We have line of sight on another 300+ concentrators and 150+ ventilators to be distributed to 15+ districts to save 10,000 lives over the next 3 months. We are providing these units to districts that don't have the resources to deal with the crisis. Would love to speak help in any way we can with more concentrators that are becoming available to us over the next one week.


Anish Sinha


No one cared about report on 'Crisis Management'


The Third report of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission was on the subject of 'Crisis Management'. The Chapter No.10 of the Report is on the subject of 'Epidemics'. The following were the recommendations and accepted by the Government for implementation in the year 2008:- (i) To more effectively prevent outbreak/spread of epidemics, it is imperative that a comprehensive revised 'model' legislation on public health is finalized at an early date and that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare systematically pursues its enactment by the states with adoptions necessitated by local requirements. (ii) The Union legislation governing Public Health Emergencies be introduced for final consideration in the light of feedback received from the states at any early date. (iii) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has to ensure that requisite plans envisaged under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, are drawn up in respect of epidemics also and that the role of the district administration finds explicit mention in the Public Health Emergency Bill. The structure created by the Disaster Management Act, 2005, should be utilized for managing epidemic also. (iv) While surveillance and management of epidemics are the responsibilities of public health professionals, it is clear that a particularly severe outbreak could overwhelm the capacities of the 'line organizations'. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the State Governments must ensure that 'standard operating procedures' are devised to assign roles and responsibilities of agencies and personnel outside the line organizations wherever a situation so warrants. (v) State level handbooks and manuals concerning disaster management should have a chapter on "epidemics-related-emergencies". A model chapter may be circulated by the Ministry of Health & Family for guidance of states. It may be useful to document the past handling of epidemics like the Plague (Surat) and Japanese encephalitis (Easter UP) to facilitate standardization of response mechanisms. If relevant and timely had been taken by the selfish Central and State Government officials and Ministers, we would have not faced the present catastrophe of Covid-19 in such a miserable manner. The UPA Government did not do anything as they were busy in earning money. Mr. Modi with his 'mai' attitude put all the recommendations of the second administrative reforms commission into the garbage bag. A lot of tax payers money is spent on Committees/Commissions. The Committees/Commission make their recommendations. But the lazy government officials do not take any pains to implement the accepted recommendations. Everybody is busy is passing through his tenure without having had to put to hassles.


Bimal Bahadur Srivastava

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