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IFS officers get new posting in Jharkhand (UPDATED)

As many as 16 IFS officers in Jharkhand have been given new posting. Ashish Rawat has been appointed as APCCF, Research & Training, Ranchi, while Sanjay Srivastava, is now APCCF, Special Projects, Ranchi and Satyajit Singh joins as APCCF and Director, Extension Forestry, Santal Pargana. Similarly, Praveen Jha will be posted as APCCF and Director Extension Forestry, South Chotanagpur; Sanjeev Kumar as APCCF, CAMPA; A T Mishra as CCF, Vigilance, Ranchi; Y K Das as RCCF, Ranchi; Kumar Ashutosh as CCF, Palamu Tiger Project, Medininagar; J P Keshari as RCCF, Hazaribagh; Siddharth Tripathi as CCF, Research, Ranchi; Rajeev Lochan Bakshi as CCF and Director, Participatory Forest Management Project, Ranchi; Smita Pankaj as CF, State Forest Silviculturist, Ranchi; Saroj Bhai Patel as Deputy Director, Marketing, Forest Development Corporation, Ranchi; Saurabh Chandra as DFO, Eastern Forest Division, Hazaribagh; Avirup Sinha as DFO, Dumka and Vikas Paliwal was made DFO, Social Forestry, Hazaribagh.

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