32 officers in grade of CCIT handed over additional charge (UPDATED)

As many as 32 officers in the grade of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax have been assigned additional charge. Rakesh Mishra has been assigned additional charge of CCIT ReAC, Ranchi; Mohan Verma of CCIT-3, Delhi; Pankaj Vidyarthi of CCIT-4, Delhi; Smita Jhingran of DGIT (Vig); Pragya S Saxena of DGIT (Systems); Rajeev Agarwal of CCIT ReAC, Ahmedabad; Satinder Singh Rana of CCIT, Rajkot and CCIT, Surat; Y Rajendra of CCIT (TDS), Bengaluru; Sangam Narain Srivastava of CCIT, Intl Tax (South Zone); B V Gopinath of CCIT, Thiruvananthapuram; Lekha Kumar of CCIT, Raipur; Ashwani Kumar of CCIT ReAC-2, Mumbai; Smita Srivastava of CCIT ReAC-4, Mumbai and CCIT ReAC-5, Mumbai ; Sachidanand Srivastava of CCIT-2, Mumbai; Reena Jha Tripathi of CCIT-4, Mumbai and of CCIT-5, Mumbai; Ajay Kumar Srivastava of CCIT (RFAC), Mumbai;  Raju Tayeng of CCIT, Shillong;  Yeshwant U Chavan of CCIT ReAC, Nashik;  Tripti Biswas of CCIT ReAC, Trichy; Ravichandran Ramasamy of CCIT (RFAC), Chennai;  Mora Bhupal Reddy of CCIT, Madurai; Mohsin Alam of CCIT ReAC-2, Kolkata;  Anil Kumar of CCIT ReAC-4, Kolkata; Harsh Prakash of CCIT-2, Kolkata; H B S Gill of DGIT (INV), Bhopal; Chitali Panmei of CCIT (C)-1, Mumbai;  Renu Jauhari of DGIT (INV), Chandigarh and Pravin Kumar  has been handed over additional charge of DGIT (INV), Pune.

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