One has to strain his mind to replay to this question. From North to South, you have to think as to who can be the successor to Modi.

D P Devgan


Correct assessment

Only 1% is assets in Government, rest all are indeed liabilities. Burden on taxpayers.

S Meenakshi Sundaram


Govt should not loose experienced people

 Yes, at 60 yrs more than 90% of employees are very healthy as such government should not lose such experienced people and can think of increasing the retirement age to 62 years based on annual performance and medical fitness report.



“Cut the flabby flesh”

 I agree with Harish Kumar’s views in WIC (Sept 13, 2021).Instead of raising the age of retirement in UoI, it would be more meaningful to drastically truncate the bureaucracy by chopping the dead wood. Needless appointment of “consultants”, must be banned. This is an unnecessary drain on public exchequer without proportionate benefits. Minimum government, maximum governance.

A K Saxena (A former civil servant)

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