Confused private sector

The private sector is generally confused. So long as the economy is doing well, their top brass take home more than twenty times the salaries as compared to their equally educated, equally talented and equally hard working counterparts in the government services (who are also IIT and IIM graduates). Happy with the money rolling in, they look down upon their lesser paid government counterparts, label them as inefficient, corrupt, etc. and look forward to more and more "privatization". They do not save much, splurge on parties and a luxurious life. The real economy being cyclic, there will always be a downturn. Once cyclical recession or stagflation sets in, their salaries are cut, for obvious reasons. Though even then they get more than their equally educated, equally talented, equally hard working IIT and IIM educated government counterparts, they get acutely jealous of the so called "job security" in government. Then they spew their venom all over the place. They should remember that one cannot have one's cake and eat it too.

Vijay Kumar


Pothole problem in Hyderabad also

 In Hyderabad also, we have pothole problem. But there are more dangerous things to negotiate on the roads. Two wheelers, three wheelers routinely drive in the opposite direction and at high speed. Police does not take any action. Then traffic does not stop for pedestrian crossing. In fact there is no such system in Hyderabad even at major crossings where four/five roads meet. You have to crossroad while traffic is moving. There is no over bridge also. Central Ministry should come and see the situation here. One can die any moment on the road.


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