Ground for getting employment

Daughter of Late Lakshmi Kanta Bhakta and Sumati Rani Bhakta sought to know on what ground her mother got employment in the life time of her father. The applicant submitted that her father was mentally not well and therefore her mother was given employment and there is a dispute regarding landed property among the legal heirs. Therefore, she is entitled to receive the information.  The information with regard to appointment of Smt. Sumati Rani Bhakta was denied u/s 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act. The CIC held that the appellant failed to demonstrate any larger public interest, the reply of the CPIO is accepted and no further action is called for.


It is not uncommon to see RTI applications being filed to settle scores in cases of personal animosity. However, irrespective of the purpose, personal information cannot be provided unless there is a larger public interest..

Citation: Shikha Paul v. Metal & Steel Factory in File no.: - CIC/DODFP/A/2020/113465, Date of Decision: 03/11/2021

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