Interpretation of FR 56

Information was sought about pension and interpretation of FR 56 various Ministries for individuals who are born on the 1st in the afternoon of the preceding date and retiring. The Commission remarked upon a perusal of the facts on record that the Appellant has placed the facts of the case on record in an extremely cumbersome manner and having perused the records of 4 other similar cases being heard simultaneously with this case, it is evident that through his RTI Applications, the Appellant is in a habit of narrating grievances and seeks for information as a passing reference which the CPIO cannot be expected to deduce and interpret to his satisfaction. The CIC observed that the PIO, in his wisdom, has interpreted certain queries in the RTI Application and provided some information which is in conformity with the spirit of the RTI Act. Taking a liberal view in the case, the CIC directed the PIO to revisit the queries, and provide any additional information that may be available to the Appellant, free of cost.


Many PIO face RTI Applications where the applicant keeps on describing a situation over a number of paragraphs and somewhere hidden amidst it, is a query. It is advisable to have an open mind in all such applications and not miss the request seeking the information in the heap of words.

Citation: Gopal Krishan v. Department of Pensions & Pensioner’s Welfare in File No: CIC/DP&PW/A/2021/106830, Date of Decision: 30/03/2022

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