24 IRS-IT officers get new postings

As many as 24 IRS-IT officers have been shifted and given new postings in MP and Chhattisgarh. Adityaraje Kakasaheb Pawar has been shifted as ACIT (TDS), Bhopal and Akash Agrawal is posted as ACIT-1 (1), Indore. Similarly, Ashutosh Singh has been appointed as DC/AC (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (2) (1), Raipur (Raipur) with additional charge of DC/AC(ReFAC) (AU) 1 (4)(1), Raipur (Bhilai); Atul Kumar as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/ Bhopal; Deepak Manohar Panvalkar as ACIT (Exemption), Bhopal; Dharam Singh Meena as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/ Raipur; Jagan Solanki as DC/AC (ReFAC) (RU) 1 (3)(1), Ujjain (Indore) with additional charge of DC/AC (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (3)(1), Bilaspur (Gwalior); Kapil Kapoor as DCIT-5 (1), Bhopal; Mohd Nooh Siddiqui as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/ Gwalior; Nabal Kumar Jain as DC/ACIT (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (3)(1), Raipur; Nagender Bhukya as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/ Indore; Payel Prakash as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/ Gwalior; Pradeep Verma as DCIT-1 (1), Ujjain with additional charge of DC/AC (ReFAC) (RU) 1 (1)(2), Ujjain; Rahul Mishra as DC/AC (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (1)(1), Bilaspur (Bilaspur) with additional charge of DCIT-1(1), Bilaspur; Rajendra Nigam as DC/ACIT (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (4)(1), Bhopal (Khandwa) with additional charge of DC/AC (ReFAC) (RU) 1 (1)(1), Ujjain; Rakesh Kumar as DC/AC (ReFAC) (VU) 1 (1)(1), Indore (Gwalior) with additional charge of DC/ACIT (ReFAC) (VU) 1 (2)(1), Indore; Sagar Shrivastava as DCIT (Admin & Hqrs.), Bhopal; Sanjay Kumar Agrawal as DCIT-1 (1), Gwalior; Saujanya Ranjan as DD/ADIT (DTRTI)-2, Bhopal; Sunny Kachwaha as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/Raipur; Syed Khalid Iqbal as ACIT-3 (1), Bhopal; Tanya Singhal as DC/AC (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (4)(1), Jabalpur (Jabalpur); Tengale Ganesh Mahadev as DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal/Indore and Vedant Kanwar will take over as DCIT (ReFAC) (AU) 1 (1)(1), Bhopal.


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