No incumbent In charge in Defence Production for year

While government of India, under the tutelage of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is making all efforts to put the image of the country at zenith position globally and many new initiatives are taken however this sounds ridiculous and unassimilated that in the past, in this dispensation, many times good positions including the present secretary Defence  production is jointly held by the Defence  Secretary as this has also happened with many other departments. Post of Secretary ex servicemen is just filled after many months void. This gives two conclusions, whether the department, jointly held  by one person does not have much importance and is in fructuous or having a very menial job which can be handled jointly by one person only. in that case should be withdrawn secondly ,it really makes one to ponder as to whether Govt Of India is deficient  of good officers, as otherwise many IAS  from 88 batch to 1991   who are empanelled  as Secretary Govt Of India are eagerly and rightfully waiting to be posted as secretary Govt Of India (dream of every IAS to become Secretary GOI when he enters the IAS) besides the fact, govt does not find suitable candidates who until recently being empanelled and must have gone rigmarole of 360 degree and many clearances including CVC, IB These episodes have become quite frequent even in PSU ,like GOI could not find suitable candidate for Chairman ONGC and many names cleared by PESB are not notified by ACC . These lackadaisical approaches on the part of Govt of India compels common public to think otherwise. We have full faith in Govt.

Mahendra Goel


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