Proper application fee

The Respondent submitted that the instant RTI Application seeking information about the EPF has not been registered for want of appropriate Indian Postal Order (IPO). As the postal order was not drawn on the local postal office, it could not be encashed and hence, the PIO returned the application for the want of requisite fee. The initial IPO was returned and the Appellant was informed regarding the correct mode of payment but the Appellant did not adhere to the same. The CIC observed that the instant RTI Application has not been registered till date for want of mandatory fee through the appropriate mode of payment. Hence, the CIC considered the Second Appeal as ‘infructuous’.


The IPO should be drawn in the favour of the Accounts Officer of the public authority. If the name of the Office is not known, the name of the city may be mentioned on the IPO while stating the number of the IPO on the RTI application.

Chandrika Yadav v. Artillery Records, Nasik Road Camp, File No. CIC/DODEF/A/2021/135859, Date of Decision: 18.11.2022


Dr Anuradha Verma ( is a RTI Consultant currently working with IIM Visakhapatnam. She has co-authored the books, RTI Right to Information - Law and Practice and PIO’s Guide to RTI. She offers consultancy on RTI matters and Third party audit. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at the link

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