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Woman power


Here the quote underestimates the woman power. We can say that black and white beards too cannot bring a revolution




Bahadurs of blind faith!


My colleague rang me to convey that he would join that very forenoon.I had not been given any posting in posting and transfer orders .I told him that since i had not been given any posting ,he should join only after 2/3 days.I thought he would agree,but he said,''Bhai sahib, my astrologer has said that i should join at 11.30.AM  sharp,i have to follow him,please don't mind''.My no argument worked and he relieved me at the exact time.It is a different story that he was suspended within 6 months of his posting, despite the astrologer's advice of joining at auspicious time.My friend ,who was highly qualified and still  more highly placed in life, would often tell me that his grand- father was a great doctor and also provided medicine for sure birth of a male child.We did not meet for more than 8 years and when we suddenly met in a training programme at Hyderabad,he told me that  he was father of two girls.I looked at him in amazement and said,'' But your grand- father used to give medicine for sure male child.' He just laughed at it.One more instance of becoming fool of blind faith;

The match- making process is considered complete only when pandit ji says  that the tewa of prospective  bride and groom also matches, in both hindu and many sikh families. The boy and the girl had met for a few minutes with the permission of the parents and had keenly  expressed  their willingness to be life partners.It appeared that the marriage then was a foregone conclusion .However ,one fine morning the bride's father rang up the boy's father in the morning. After usual pleasantries he asked , ''Bhaji , i just wanted to know the place and time of birth of kaka ji, and if possible please give me his horoscope. ''The groom's father replied, ''Bhaji, he was born at Amritsar on 18 Jan,1978 at 8 o'clock. We do not have his tewa. ''There was a pause for a few seconds and then there was one more question from bride's side.''  Is it 8 AM or PM?'' ''8AM'', the boy's father replied and then added, ''Bhaji , when should we fix the ring ceremony.'' ''Bhaji, i will inform you tomorrow after consulting my wife.'' said the girl's father. It came to boy's father's mind that his prospective relatives believed in Jyotish and they will proceed further only with their astrologer's advice.

The next day the girl's father rang up boy's father and in ecstatic tone and said, ''Bhaji, i had gone to our astrologer yesterday and  after preparing the horoscope of kaka ji ,he has told me that in his life time he had not seen any horoscopes of the prospective partners to marriage, which matched so perfectly. All the 35 stars of the kaka ji perfectly match with the stars of Biba Ji. Now , please fix the date of ring ceremony. Any date after this week will suit us.''

The marriage was celebrated with great fervour. Just a few days after the marriage, the boy's father asked his wife as to at what time Mehar, their son was born. The lady promptly replied that he was born at 8 PM and asked her husband as to why he had asked this question. However, he replied that he had just asked it. Since he himself had no interest and faith in astrology he forgot about it. The life of the new couple proved to be even much better than the prediction of the astrologer and the girl's family's faith in the astrologer grew further. About three years since the marriage, when the girl was expecting, she asked  her doting husband for his horoscope, which he did not have. However ,the boy instantly told that he was born at 8 PM. The girl was taken aback. She asked in utter surprise, ''What, 8 AM?''. She had exactly remembered what her father had told her and the time he had told the astrologer .Since she was living in heaven with the most loving person on the earth, she forgot about it. When she went to her parents' home after a few days, she just mentioned it to her mother, who, in turn informed her husband. The girl's parents were extremely happy with the boy and the new relatives and tried to forget the faux pass, but could not. They went to the astrologer and asked about the destiny of their loving daughter with the new time of their son-in-law's birth, without revealing that she had already been married with him for three years. The astrologer after consulting his many jantris and drawing the different datas on paper said, ''O, ho, ho, the boy is very unlucky, no star of the girl matched with the boy's. They will quarrel every day. The boy will also suffer great financial loss within a year of the marriage.''10 years have passed since the marriage. The most loving and understanding couple with two lovely kids, is envied by one and all. 


Surinderjit Singh Sandhu Amritsar

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