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CGHS was not in the best of health

As it is, the Central Government Health Scheme was not in the best of health .It has become worse now. Previously one could at least get the medicines one needed after consultation from the doctors from the empanelled hospitals(Because the doctors in CGHS dispensaries have become dispenser of medicines only .They will just tick the medicines on the computer and handover the slip to you to collect your desired medicines. You got the medicines you have been taking regularly for your high B.P, diabetes, any heart problem etc. Now what they give are substitute drugs manufactured by little known companies in places like Noida, Gaziabad, Chandigarh etc. When asked why not the medicine of the brand name one has been taking for years the doctor shows helplessness. These cheap substitute medicines having the same composition are useless. For example I have been for years taking a particular tablet manufactured by Cipla for hypertension. Four months back CGHS stopped this supply and gave something else. Doctor said it had the same composition. After taking that medicine for four days my BP shot up making me run to private doctors. They changed my medicine. I bought my old drug from the market which normalised my hypertension. The other day when we collected all the required medicines from the dispensary all were unknown names and manufactured by little known firms. When we voiced our doubt about the quality of medicines even the doctor advised us to buy from the market so that we don’t compromise on our health. So CGHS is in total mess today. Will somebody care. Maybe all those responsible for CGHS are busy with the Ayushman scheme which alone will fetch votes for the powers that be. Who cares for Government employees specially the retired ones.


Aarti Khosla

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