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Submitted by whispers2111 on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 05:53
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Outcome of an Income tax investigation


The RTI applicant sought information regarding Shri Ram Gopal and Smt. Archana and other family members, marriage expenditures survey report as per Section 133A (5) of the Income Tax Act with cash flow details i.e., whether they satisfied the cash flow details, whether his father in law, wife, brother in law and sister in law were Income Tax Assesses, if so, whether they were filing the IT Returns on a regular basis and issues related thereto. The CIC directed that the broad outcome of the investigation should be disclosed to the appellant as soon as the investigation is completed.




In case of Tax evasion petition, the CIC has been taking the view that the complainant should be informed whether the allegations made in the TEP are fully true, partially true or untrue.


Citation: Mr. Rajesh Bharti v. CPIO, O/o the DGIT (Inv), CPIO, O/o the Pr. DIT (Inv), CPIO and ACIT (OSD) (Inv.- IV), M/o Finance, Department of Revenue, CBDT in Second Appeal No.: CIC/CCITC/A/2017/156422-BJ, Date of Decision: 16.11.2018


Dr. Anuradha Verma ( is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at


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