Cases of cancer can be reduced

If production of alcohol, cigarettes is prohibited then cancer will reduce.



Election promises or guaranteed poverty

The promises made by political parties in the State Assembly Elections these days are nothing more than a guarantee of voters’ poverty for the next 5 years. Consider these: (1) consumption of electricity is an important indicator of poverty and they are guaranteeing only 200 units free against the need of minimum 800 units per household with two school going children these days; (2) pension of Rs. 1000 per month is insult with injury as it means US $ 10 only; (3) unemployment allowance of even Rs. 10,000 per month is no substitute for regular employment; (4) Only 200000 jobs are promised against needed several millions in each state and no data on job seekers is disclosed; (5) there is no promise about self-employment or entrepreneurs or livelihood; (6) education and health are fundamental rights under Parts III & IV of the constitution but there is no promise to provide quality education or health services; (7) the only thing they can guarantee is reservation and old pension scheme. They talk as if they are Maharajas or Nawabs speaking to their “subjects”, going by their language, tone, tenor and manners. Have these parties lived up to these promises in the last 75 years when they were the government? They are fooling the voters, from whom they are asking for the vote but will take their skin if elected to ensure that poverty stays and prospers under their good care!

M L Gupta


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