RUM (2022-07-04)

Yogi 2.0- Law and order through ‘POSDCORB’

The unceremonious removal of erstwhile DGP UP Mukul Goel had given grist to the mills of detractors of CM UP who criticised the move as an upapralled attempt to undermine the institution of DGP. 

Unfazed by the criticism, the CM went ahead and appointed DS Chauhan DG intelligence as the acting’ DGP. 

Within few months of his appointment as DGP, DS chauhan is firmly in the saddle with his low profile but extremely professional style of functioning. 

Observers of bureaucracy in UP, regard him as the most powerful DGP of UP in recent history with three most important portfolios of civil police, intelligence & vigilance together. However there is still some time till he gets appointed as the full fledged DGP and strengthens his grip on the department even further.

A section of the media and police establishement also observe that irrespective of the de-jure DGP,  the de-facto DGP is CM himself. There has been hardly any CM of UP who keeps himself abreast of the minutest details of law and order and is hands on the smallest of incidents. 

Keeping the district police chiefs on toes through regular VC’s, the CM has also ensured the active involvement of the IG ranges and ADG zones who rarely were ventured out in the field except for inspections or sensational incidents.

What amazes the analysts is that the pace with which Yogi 2.0 government has started working ever since day one. This kind of frenzied target setting and orchestrated efforts to achieve it is only seen in the election years. Though it has taken a heavy toll on the police establishments as most of the field officers seem to be  ‘burnt out’ while battling out in the field in the Yogi 2.0 government as of nothing has changed on the ground.

To some extent this is actually true as the priorities of the Yogi government on a sound law and order remain as committed as ever. Be it the country wide protests in the country in the afternamth of Nupur Sharma incident or over the ‘Agniveer’ scheme, UP has remained peaceful barring isolated incidents. 

The way approximately 79k loudspeakers were voluntary taken down across the state by followers of both the religion, has been quoted across the country as an enviable example.

But all this has been enabled as Yogi Adityanath has evolved a ‘steel frame’ of bureaucracy and conducted it’s business in the classical model of ‘POSDCORB’ enunciated by management theorist Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick, which stands for Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting and Budgeting.

Talking of the steel frame of Police specifically, ACS Home Awanish Awasthy and ADG LO Prashant Kumar have given Yogi 2.0 much needed continuity from the maiden Yogi Government.  Awanish Awasthi’s workaholism even baffles his critiques who swear by it and his commitment to the chief minister Yogi Adityanath. 

Prashant Kumar as ADG LO has steadily and silently earned the trust of CM and successive DGP’s through his sheer hard work & professionalism. His meticulous command of the nitty-gritties of law and order and it’s flawless execution has been one of major reasons in keeping UP peaceful despite its complexities.

Under the directions of CM UP,  Awanish Awasthi & Prashant Kumar have together succeeded in making bulldozer a metaphor for a sound law and order across the country.