Court Closes High Profile Legal Battle in Chhattisgarh (UPDATED)

In a major victory for Aman Singh, who was  Principal Secretary to former Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, the trial court in Raipur has accepted the closure report filed by  the EOW-ACB as no case of disproportionate assets could be made out against Aman Singh and his wife. The court’s decision marks the culmination of a prolonged investigative  process led by the EOW-ACB which failed to substantiate the allegations of disproportionate assets against Singh and his wife, Dr Yasmin Singh. The FIR, 09 of 2020, lodged on direct orders from former Congress Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and based on claims by RTI activist Uchit Sharma, had accused the couple of amassing unaccounted wealth.  Despite exhaustive investigations over three years, the FIR failed to hold up as the EOW found no evidence supporting the claims, leading to the filing of a closure report. Significantly, the closure report was filed by the  EOW in December last year, before the current BJP government took the oath of office in Chhattisgarh. Legal circles have closely monitored the proceedings, noting the case's implications for bureaucratic integrity and legal accountability. Noted criminal lawyer and Senior Advocate Mahesh Jethmalani, who represented the Singhs, has openly criticized the motives behind the FIR,  describing it as a tool for political retribution rather than justice. 

Despite claiming the charges were politically motivated, Aman Singh  cooperated fully with the subsequent investigation, which ultimately vindicated him and his wife as no case of disproportionate assets was made out even after a meticulous probe. The trial court’s closure of the case, after hearing all perspectives including the complainant's  agreement with the closure report, brings to an end a high-profile battle that has highlighted the vendetta politics that regime changes often bring.


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