Authentic copies of records available online

The appellant sought information related to the payment of pension to Members of Parliament after the completion of their term and other related queries. The appellant agreed that the relevant information has been provided by the respondent, however the reply provided is not officially signed, therefore, it is not authentic. The respondent had provided a reply through RTI online portal which is a system generated reply and same does not require authenticity. Although the public authority has no control over the format in which the information received by the appellant through RTI online portal, but the CIC held that if in case the relevant information as provided through RTI online portal is not dispatched yet, the same should be provided in hard copy as well. The CIC directed to provide the relevant information to the appellant in hard copy also as exits on record, duly attested and authenticated by the public authority.


Whether copies of documents available on the website should be provided and whether the same should be authenticated has been often raised. In this case, the CIC has directed in favour of providing the authenticated copies of records.

Citation: Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Bhilyabhai Patidar V. Parliament of India, Rajya Sabha Secretariat IN Second Appeal No.CIC/PAROI/A/2020/108452, Date: 12.10.202

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