39 IRS-IT officers get new postings after promotions

As many as 39 IRS-IT officers have been transferred and posted to different places after promotion in the grade of Chief Commissioners of Income Tax/Director Generals of Income tax level. Accordingly, Anil Kumar has been posted as CCIT-2, Kolkata, while Anand Sharan Singh was posted as CCIT-2, Mumbai and Kavita Bhatnagar gets posting as CCIT, Surat. Similarly, P B Sekaran has been posted as CCIT, ReFAC, Trichy; Venkat T Reddy as CCIT-5, Mumbai; Navneet Soni to Interim Board for Settlement-I, Delhi; V Anandrajan as CCIT-3, Delhi; Shyam S Bansia as CCIT Re-FAC, Panaji; K P Rao as CCIT ReFAC-3, Mumbai; Devinder Singh Chaudhary as CCIT-4, Delhi; Rameshwar Singh as CCIT (RFAC), Delhi; Sanjay Kumar as DGIT (Inv), Pune; Ashok Kumar Pandey to Interim Board for Settlement -II Delhi; Jayanthi Krishnan to INterim Board for Settlement-VII, Chennai; Mridula Bajpai as CCIT ReFAC, Indore; M Ravindra SA1 as CCIT, Intl Tax South zone Bengaluru; D N Kar as CCIT ReFAC-2, Chennai; Manoranjan Panigrahy as CCIT ReFAC-5, Mumbai; Hareshwar Sharma as DGIT Inv, Bhopal; Gurijala Ravindranadha Reddy as CCIT TDS, Bengaluru; Avdhesi Kumar Mishra as DGIT Inv Chandigarh; Rajiv R Singh to Interim Board for Settlement-III, Delhi; Bijayanand Pruseth as CCIT, ReFAC-I Mumbai; Rajeev Mehrotra as DGIT Inv Patna; Stephen George to Interim Board for Settlement-VII, Chennai; Narendra Kumar as CCIT ReFAC-2, Mumbai; Seema Raj as CCIT, Madurai; Shelly Jindal to Interim Board for Settlement-V, Mumbai; B Senthil Kumar as CCIT RFAC, Chennai; Hemant Jawahar Lal to Interim Board for Settlement-III, Delhi; Y K Singh as DGIT Sysytems, Delhi; Govind Lal as CCIT ReFAC-I, Delhi; Dr Simmi Gupta to Interim Board for Settlement-I, Delhi; Fateh Singh Sirowa as CCIT, ReFAC, Jodhpur; Parminder as CCIT ReFAC-4, Kolkata; S L Meena as CCIT ReFAC, Ahmedabad; Vir Birsa Ekka as CCIT, Raipur; Banwari Lal Meena as CCIT, Rajkot and Sanjay Mishra was posted to Interim Board for Settlement-I, Delhi.

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