Creation of information about lapsed policies

Appellant sought details regarding number of lapsed policies and amount involved in the early stages of the policy such as after the payment of first premium, first year premium etc. The PIO of LIC contended that the information sought by the appellant does not exist as a record as defined under section 2 (i) of the RTI Act. The requested information will have to be created by 2048 Branches of LIC spread all over India and then to be collected and collated and compiled merely to reply to the RTI queries of the appellant. It will disproportionately divert the limited resources of the Corporation, which is strictly forbidden under section 7 (9) of the RTI Act. The CIC held that the queries of the appellant are non-specific, unclear as information related to all the lapsed policies and seeking such voluminous data is not maintainable under the provisions of the RTI Act. The CIC noted that the LIC has provided a categorical reply vide their written submission dated 06.04.2022 which clarifies some of the issues raised in the RTI Application and upheld the same. Further, the CIC admonished the LIC for not providing the specific reply ab initio as per their written submission and cautioned them to be more diligent in future while dealing with the matters related to the RTI Act..


The PIO is not expected to compile information under the RTI Act. Further, the initial reply to the RTI Application should be proper as the onus of denial of information is on the PIO.

Citation: Mr. Ajamuddin Taher Khairatkhan v. Life Insurance Corporation of India in Second Appeal No. CIC/LICOI/A/2020/680978, Date of order: 21.04.2022

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