34th AGM of THDC India Ltd held (UPDATED)

The 34th Annual General Meeting of THDC India Limited was held September 20, 2022 in New Delhi. R K Vishnoi, Chairman & Managing Director of the company, chaired the meeting. The Board of Directors, Shareholders, Statutory Auditor, Secretarial Auditor of the company were present during the meeting. R K Vishnoi, CMD addressed the shareholders on the occasion and shared the achievements and growth plans of the company during the year. The Chairman Vishnoi said, THDCIL is focused on strengthening  base of its existing businesses while building new business models. THDCIL envisages to have installed capacity of 4351 MW by 2025. In FY22, the company achieved 118% of CAPEX which amounts to Rs. 3231.51 Cr as against a target of Rs. 2730 Cr. Total generation achieved from all plants was 4670.81 MU during FY 22  which is 105.43 MU  more than previous year.  In FY 22 total revenue of the company is Rs.1921.49 Cr.  and total  Profit  earned by the company is Rs. 896.92 Cr.He informed that , Tehri HPP and Koteshwar HEP provided additional Power Generation support during “Coal Crisis” in the month of Oct’21. The increase in reservoir capacity of Tehri due to the permission to fill the water up to 830 metres helped the THDCIL to generate more power during the recent power crisis.  The corporation generated a record 650 Million Units (MU) of electricity in the month of October when the country was facing a power crisis.

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