Absolutism to replace democracy?


Absolutism is emerging as the new device to sabotage democracy. It is a new instrument of interfering in internal affairs of any democracy. In the last 5 decades the military superpowers, led by the USA, have consciously chosen the illegitimate path of weakening, destabilising and destroying emerging democracies. With the unclean motive to control these democracies, different mechanisms were devised and deployed. Bribing leaders, paralysing normal governance, causing collapse of law & order, encouraging military coups to overthrow democratically elected governments and prime ministers, executing or even assassinating heads of governments or states, berthing in political establishments, using aid as an instrument of forced changes of policy or personnel, influencing economy and elections, replacing elected governments with military dictatorship, sabotaging development projects, capturing markets to ruin local products and creating large scale unemployment, recruiting graduates to train them for subversion or rebellion against the national elected government, influencing society & culture to impose its own in its place and threatening the decision makers in various ways. Things have gone much beyond proxy ruling a government. Not satisfied with the service rendered by head functionaries of such dual governments, and doubtful of the capabilities of young leaders of the political establishment, another mechanism was put into operation. Intellectual slaves were commanded to speak for the party at different fora simply to raise controversies, be it science or technology, tradition or modernism, nationalism & patriotism, army, air force, navy, security establishment, intelligence agencies, academic institutions, media personnel, authors, ideologues and successful business houses/corporations, only to gain popularity. Fearing exposure, third country platforms were utilised. The parties were advised to set up International Headquarters. This worked well because the activities of such an organisation were out of oversight of national intelligence agencies. They were located either in tax havens or Dubai. In a way, it was a shadow government operating from foreign countries with some NRI faces giving it the impression of genuine party opinion. The worst exercise is promoting “absolutism”. Absolutism is a new doctrine which swears by the law but functions contrary to it. It challenges every other legitimate authority including constitutional, political & legal. It behaves like an autocrat. It is the master of anarchy. Chaos is its weapon to rule. Malevolence is its ideology. Corruption of unprecedented magnitude is an energy drug. Violence is its creed. It misrules its masters in foreign countries. It creates so much law and order all around celebrated by foreign media which never tires in singing its paeans. They prefer someone mentally challenged through looking normal human being. The purpose is to capture the country and all its resources by a new form of modern colonisation and slavery. The human resources of such a country are not allowed to develop into more than modern slaves. Globalisation failed to serve such interests and hence now the era of Counter Globalisation through Absolutism. Democracy suffers from many ills, corruption being the worst. It needs organ transplantation forthwith. Here is Absolutism. It is invented, tested and traded by military superpowers of the world. The same who invented the atom bomb and tested it in Japan in 1945. They were so gaga for decades until some equally crazy guy invented the Human Bomb! And it has put more fear in every superpower than the atom bomb ever could! The world lives in peace alone. Let democracy flourish everywhere.


M L Gupta

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